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Remembering UHA 1968-69
by Michelle Alton (Shelley Stern)

Jack Hardy

I wish I could recall the first time I met Jack Hardy. But the truth is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot bring back that moment, or even that day. I suspect it was rather early in the Fall semester of my Freshman year – 1968. But of all the great and memorable people I encountered while at UHA, Jack left the deepest and most indelible impression. And although I only spoke with him on a few occasions after leaving UHA – March 11, 2011, the day Jack "walked on" (as the Native Americans refer to the moment of death) – from that day on my world would never be quite the same again. Jack was DEAD! How could that possibly be?

Jack Hardy
Jack's first album, circa 1970

I DO recall how I wound up at UHA, however.

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