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The UH NEWS Liberated Press
and the Student Revolution
at the University of Hartford

Benedict M. Holden

Content warning: This is rated PG-15.

This is a complex story of power, incredible luck, and fantastic tales – things you never heard, a moment of history contrary to all you have read. Our experiences and work should not be lost to time.

I have read all the books written by the participants in the struggles and all the semi-critical historical works about our times, SDS, the Movement, and all those old friends. I do recommend Tom Hayden's beautiful Reunion and Ray Mungo's eloquent Famous Long Ago.

I feel worse every day about the death of Jack Hardy in March 2011. Ours was a complex relationship – brother, roommate, co-conspirator, partner, antagonist. At times we competed to see which of us was the bigger asshole. This is our story. Jack ought to be here.

The loss of Jack's music, his coaching of young songwriters, and his voice for peace, love, and understanding is to the world's detriment.

The Student Faculty Association (SFA) was the student government at the University of Hartford: twenty-five student and six faculty members who were seen like training wheels on a bicycle. We changed the name to Student Association (SA) in the spring of 1969 and released our token, hostage faculty members.

The Submarine was a third floor apartment on Homestead Avenue. Jack Hardy, Bill Walach, Jim Diamond and I rented the place in May of 1968. $120 a month including heat, hot water and electricity. As folks moved out they were replaced by Stod Nichols, Mike Lyster, Hank Mishkoff, Rick Baldwin, Bill Clement, Michael Steiner, Ron Paquette, and David Roszczewski. Too much drink, too many drugs, too many women. Our heads were often in the clouds.

I must thank Ms. Beth Van Ness of the Canton Library for her patience, finding stuff, and computer assistance.

I also thank Hartford (Tom Keating) for his tireless willingness to provide rides to someone living without an auto. His radio has excellent tunes also.

You may print, copy, use as you see fit on the InterWeb or any medium.

    -- Benedict M. Holden
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