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Remembering UHA 1968-69
by Michelle Alton (Shelley Stern)

Suite mates

My suite mates were Lynne Winston, my "landed" roommate from Pittsburgh; Erica Bramesco, virtuoso flautist, only 16 at the time, from Spring Valley, New York; two girls whose names I cannot recall: One was a tiny, curly-haired girl who spoke with a thick Boston accent. I remember her telling us that her boyfriend, Jackie, could "fahht and make fyah"! The other girl was from Providence, Rhode Island. She had long straight black hair and prominent freckles. I recall she was very cynical for a young woman, and what stands out in my memory is that she referred to her parents as "her wrinklies"! I have no memories of other girls on the floor... EXCEPT for GRASSO, the only non-freshman.

Susane was (is) the daughter of the then governor (now deceased) of Connecticut, Ella Grasso. She was an art student, musician, and talented song writer. The most memorable of her tunes was The Crab Lice Blues. Once she did a full strip tease in front of our living room picture window, directly across from the Boys' living room. One boy finally strode to the window and closed the blinds. There was also a "Greek" day wherein Grasso had a wardrobe accident with her toga (nothing underneath). What a VISUAL!

There are a lot of Grasso memories, but my favorite was of our frequent marathon nights of playing the game we made up and dubbed, Clichés! In turn, we had to think of a popular cliché, like "A penny saved is a penny earned." The first one to poop out lost, but it always took hours, and in the end we were making them up!

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