UH NEWS Liberated Press

A History
by Michael Steiner

Year 1 (9/68–5/69), Part 3

In addition, there were numerous contributions from a Left-oriented group called Liberation News Service. This group was founded by Ray Mungo – former student editor of the Boston University Newspaper- considered as one of the biggest radical papers in the mid '60's. They were the radical equivalent of AP. There would be contributors Berkely,BU,Columbia and other institutional papers with strong left leanings. The contributions would range from reports from the Chicago7 and the Panther mistreatment and framing by the FBI with subsequent trials; articles on political torture of VietCong – and even segments of Che Guevera's Diary.

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On the political and election front; there would be articles on Draft Counseling and other articles that pertained ro Draft Ressitance. When the election began the paper duly presented the struggle between the radical SDS who were committed to the disruption of campaigns for both Nixon and Humphrey, to those who thought Nixon was the true problem and reluctantly backed Humphrey, to those who thought Nixon was “the one”

The UH News helped to organize and lead an Anti-Nixon rally at the site of his rally. Jack was seen going up to the car that Nixon rode in and gave Nixon a preview”salute” of what was later to come. Meanwhile, Jack himself was divided as to what the paper should do. He didn't believe that disruption was the answer because he actually feared Nixon and hoped that Humphrey would at least be more flexible ans show some “balls” against Johnson. Thus, armed with quotes from JFK's inauguration, the UH News endorsed Hubert Humphrey for President. This was not received well by the more radical groups in the Universityand also within the paper itself. It was only the beginning – and would later be considered tame in comparison with what was to come.

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