UH NEWS Liberated Press

A History
by Michael Steiner

Year 1 (9/68–5/69), Part 1

Before the first edition of the UH News was delivered to the Gengras Information desk; Ben and Jack were forging agreements and defining their work relationship among themselves and with the Administration. First: Ben made an agreement with Hector Prud'homme, Vice Chancellor that gave the SFA(Student Facutly Association)- soon to be renamed SA(Student Association) autonomy with the provision that they maintain a budget.. This was directly connected to the Paper which the SFA(SA) published and Ben, as President was the Head Publisher. Ben gave Jack his support to “print anything”. So the table was set for what would probably leave Ben to a certain degree; but most definitely the Administration regretting what had been wrought.

So began the infamous process of creating the paper. First; there would be a meeting on Monday nightsin the Newspaper office. It was about as close to anarchy as possible at times; but remarkably, a finished product would result every week. That was thanks to the “Staph”(Aka Cast of Thousands) that included an editorial staff of Ewart Skinner, Mark Persky, Dan Hazelton, Gregg Oviatt, Suzan Storms, Dave Kowalski, Nick Mitsos and Pete Cunningnham. This “product' was then taken to the West Hartford News offices for “paste-up” (long before on-line graphics) ...and by Wednesday, the paper was delivered.

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