UH News Liberated Press

A History
by Michael Steiner


Every Wednesday morning at the Information Desk of Gengras Campus Center of the University of Hartford; a growing crowd of students, teachers,administrators,City, State,Federal,FBI, even CIA officers(ok – ok- maybe a BIT overstated) would await the arrival of the UH News Liberated Press from the fall of '68 to the spring of '70. The paper meant so much to so many; elicited so many reactions. From wonder, shock,surprise, and amusement, to anger, disbelief,fear and outrage. It is easy to say that this paper - whether perceived as good or ill had center stage at the University of Hartford during these years. Its editor, Jack Hardy and the Student Association's President – and Publisher Ben Holden were, much like its paper; loved, hated or feared – and it could be easily said they ran the show.

What brought all this about? Well, it certainly didn't come to life of its own volition. There is a story that actually went on for two years leading to this paper that many consider to be a coup of sorts. It springs from the initial success of a predecessor; the forces that caused its doom: but it maintained a shadow existence in the "underground" ... while those who were at its rise and fall also helped plan for a movement that would ultimately seize power of the Student Government – and then rose to an even more powerful position with the emergence of Jack Hardy and Ben Holden. Ironically, Ben "switched positions" with Jack before the elections and votes to change from Editor to President – and Jack , viceversa.

So; we will start our story from the true beginning in the Spring of '66 move to the Spring of '67. The rise and fall of the Cauldron – and finally the "coup" in the Spring of '68 that brought about - "set the stage" for the new Student Government – and a new paper to be called UH News Liberated Press.

The Cauldron Files: Part 1

The Cauldron Files: Part 2

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